As part of its mission, GFM, together with its members, is committed to bringing mathematics and mathematical physics closer to society at large, be it through organisation and sponsorship of outreach activities such as “getting to know a scientist” events, be it through collaboration with industrial and commercial partners, as exemplified by the European Study Groups with Industry.
If you are interested in participating in, or receiving support for, such an event, please contact Ana Bela Cruzeiro or James Kennedy for more information.

Events and resources for students

Outreach event
“FREE LUNCH with Maths and Stats!”
organised by NEMMA, the mathematics students’ association of the Faculty of Sciencies of the University of Lisbon, 26 October, 2022

YouTube video
“Com quantas simetrias se faz um azulejo?”
(“how many symmetries does it take to make a tile?”)
by Jorge Rezende

Events and resources for society

The conference Artificial Intelligence for Oncology, organised and supported by Hipácia, the association of Italian researchers in Portugal, received organisational support from members of GFM.

GFM was involved in the introduction of the European Study Groups with Industry in Portugal, playing an active role in the coordination and organisation of the annual meetings for many years beginning with their inception in Portugal in 2007. This commitment is ongoing, with GFM member participation in the 161st European Study Group with Industry, at ISEL, Lisbon, 5 to 9 September, 2022.